• e-Governance

a Empowerment through better management, greater convenience, reduced cost and revenue growth
a Optimized Services through automated business processes
a Instant access to information and better decision making
Public Sector
Construction and Engineering

The achievement of e-Government is one of the main priorities of the Government towards realization of national development goals and objectives for wealth and employment creation. The eGovernance strategy outlines the objectives and the processes for the modernization of government, as a mean towards enhancement of transparency, accountability and good governance; making the government more result oriented, efficient and citizen centered; enabling citizens and business to access Government Services and Information as efficiently and as effectively as possible through the use of internet and other channels of communication. The effective and efficient realization of eGovernment objectives depend on the availability of skill and the right attitudes across organizations.

The Challenges

a Tedious and Cumbersome File Management: Extremely cumbersome task of manual file handling and physical management of documents in a large volume
a Highly Complex Process: Delay in traceablity of Files, high turn-around time resulting in the delay in clearance. A mechanism, which could clearly demarcate the path for flow of documents, thus establishing total accountability, is the need of the hour
a Tracking Difficulties: Tracking the file for its latest status and working collaboratively on a file is difficult
a Security issue and Lost information: Risks of unauthorized access to the common storage area.
Featured Solution

FileView (Whitehall) Filing System

System of filing helps in automating the business processes of various government departments. The solution automates the process of verification and reduces turnaround time involved in the manual movement of files. Files move in a user-friendly look and feel with a host of customized features. The Whitehall system of file movement used by most government departments has been replicated online. File views, Notes, Document listings along with the document viewer are placed on a composite view.

DAK (Mail) Management System

FineDocs Electronic DAK/Mail Management System, enabled by FineDocs Document Management System enables organizations monitor and track all kind of transaction of DAK (mails) and Documents effectively. The system handles all types of inward and outward DAK (mails) and Documents and fully integrated with and has in-built configurable access control and suitable security measures, which is the most crucial requirement of any Government organization.

File Management System

FineDocs File Management System (FMS) is a Comprehensive Barcode based File Tracking and Monitoring solution bundled with Document Management system. This solution provides a hassle free mechanism to manage all kinds of physical and electronic correspondence coming in and out of your office and keeps track of them till it’s rendered to the intended personal.
Every outgoing file is bar-coded before leaving the office premises, these are scanned through barcode gun thus the out register entry is done and updated in the web based system. At every state change of this mail/ file current status is updated. MS word barcode generation Add-On feature enable users to generate and insert barcode on any new document they wish to create.

FineDocs with SharePoint

FineDocs-SharePoint integrated Content Archival Solution enables organizations maximize the power of information, increase operational efficiencies and information governance; minimizing legal risk and storage costs of SharePoint content.

Land Records Management

A client-server technology based database and information management system for land registration. A single database is created that can be accessed by all users for specific purposes. Automated computation of the value of the property, generation of registration number, scanning of documents and query handling are some features of this solution.

Knowledge Management System

It helps in knowledge acquisition, Knowledge sharing and creating the Knowledge base. Users can contribute the knowledge articles for sharing with other users. The articles gets added into knowledge base after due consideration from the subject specialist. The knowledge base helps in solving the problems instantaneously.

Data Extraction Solution

Most government departments like the sales tax, passport office, census etc. have preprinted forms those are required to be filled out by the applicant. Manual processing of these forms and data collation takes up a lot of time. Acyutah provides state-of-the-art extraction solutions which involve scanning the form, extracting data from them using various techniques like OCR, ICR, OMR and performing image based verifications on them. The extracted data and documents are then exported to existing database systems for further processing. This saves time and increases productivity while increasing the shelf life of documents.

Personnel Management System

Manages the human resources and maintains the service record book.


a Centralized data storage to be accessed by all the departments, significantly boosting the e-governance initiative
a Increased Transparency - Making the information available online eliminates all the possibilities of concealing of information
a More focused on service delivery
a Reduced operating cost and risk
a Increased productivity and accountability
a Improved Compliance and adherence to governance mandates and standards.
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