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FineFlow is a comprehensive Business Process Management (BPM) Solution that helps Organizations and its Resources come together, analyze, collaborate and solve complex business situations. FineFlow enables Organizations to completely map and automate their Work-Processes. It helps in Intelligent Coordination of People, Tasks and Information; makes Work-Process more Efficient, Effective and Adoptable to Change.

FineFlow Business Process Management

FineFlow BPM engine with all the advanced features and functionalities of a true BPM Solution which spans Process Designer, Form Builder, Reporting-BAM & Analytics, Process Manager and so on.

Seamless integration with FineDocs ECM adds to its agility. FineFlow lets organizations handle frequent changes in the process with advanced, robust and a very agile solution. It lets stakeholders accommodate changes to existing business process without pain, within code-free environment and with the capabilties of advanced process-manager which allows changes on the fly.

Stakeholder! What is there for you ?
When your role is to make decisions you require correct and authentic information without losing time. ECM (Enterprise Content management) and BPM ( Business Process Management) has not only become an infrastructure requirement today, but is a true-value investment for modern organizations.

Why Go Fine Way ?

a Highly intuitive and User friendly, drag-n-drop based Web-Interface
a Powerful and easy to use graphical canvas called Process Designer makes it easy to collaborate on design of business processes
a Task Allocation using the Automatic, Manual or Combination methods
a Seamless integration of Business Rules with business process and objects improving operations and control with Processes and People
a Compelling reporting and dashboard capability enabling real-time visibility of business metrics
a Human Task supports human interaction with process flows to view data, review documents, manage exceptions and make business decisions faster
a Fully compatible with FineDocs Document Management System (DMS). Business users can view, approve, process and forward documents using the FineFlow Web interface and use FineDocs as a backend storage with full security enforcement
a Significantly reduced cost of high-volume complex manual processes and increased productivity with robust and agile automated process.

FineFlow Work Desk

a FineFlow Web Work Desk is a virtual desk to the end users to access their work item list (inbox). It provides comprehensive view of data as well as documents associated with the work item.
a Customized Dashboard displays latest up-to-date information
a Real-time collaboration ensures accuracy and timely task completion
a Process any type of content in the workflow with the integrated Content Management System

Process Designer

FineFlow Process Designer/Modeler is a complete web based canvas which is used to convert concept into powerful solutions, design workflows graphically and configure the workflow properties without writing a single line of code. It makes it easy to collaborate on design of business processes with comprehensive set of standard activities which can be easily dragged and dropped on a design mosaic and linked to design your processes.

a User-friendly intuitive drag and drop interface
a Helpful wizards to configure business activities and properties
a Reusable process modelers for sharing
a Escalation mechanisms to ensure no delay in tasks
a Queue management to help assign tasks to groups of users with similar roles; with support of Automatic/Manual allocation of tasks, Push-Pull pattern and Queue level escalation
a Process simulator to help in running the test scenarios
a Calendar control adds a great deal of flexibility managing resource availability

Form Builder

FineFlow form Builder is used for generating dynamic web forms by the process administrator. The Form Builder eliminates the requirement of pre-defined web form providing a great degree of flexibility to design the form at run-time according to the process requirement.

a Web based Form Builder
a Integrated with process activities and rules
a In-built engine for complex mathematical and logical operations
a Form validation rules to enhance accuracy and usability
a Preview Form to simulate the scenario


FineFlow Business activity Monitoring (BAM) control has extensive reporting capability and true BAM functionality. It provides users with several out of the box reporting and activity monitoring views, enabling real-time view of business metrics and a complete visibility into the Process and People. In addition, it permits users to configure Data Points and Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) for comprehensive busines activity monitoring.

a Web based real-time Dashboard
a Drilled down Reporting Capabilities
a Rich Graphical Reports

Process Manager

Get the ability to manage processes as stakeholders. Identify bottlenecks and delays and use the Process-Designer-Execution-View to Stop, Put-on-Hold, Re-Assign and even Update the Workflow Activities on the Fly.

a Automated exception handling mechanism
a Real-time visibility through business analytics
a Empower stakeholders to take business decisions as quickly as possible
a Alerts and notifications on milestones and critical thresholds
a Integrate with your line-of-business system and extend for greater flexibility and efficiency

Solution for Industries, Govt-PSUs and SMEs

We Build Solution for Industries and Government Organizations world over. We have constructed our Product Suite and Solutions based on the very theory that guides the whole ECM Industry. The theory states a very basic concept that ECM is set of tools and technologies and not a single Product. We have known it from the very beginning that different organizations have different requirements and not a single size fits them all.
This is why Acyutah has researched and constructed FineDocs Product Suite and Solution in such a way that It bends, it scales and more importantly it listens to us when we are devising solutions for you. Our ECM Products are Modular, Agile and Ductile. FineDocs Product Suite and Solution has all the Features a good ECM Solution can have on this planet.
Experience accumulated over years from our business relations helps us devise great Solutions for you. Our Solution-Squad is always ready to help you with the Solution for your Industry and specific Requirements. Why don't you give them a call!


Industry Solutions

We have been working closely with Industries along with Public Sector organizations and create brilliant Solution for them. Our Solution and Experience spans various Industries and Verticals. We have depth experience and expertise delivering high value solutions that help industries achieve the business goals and reshape organizations. Call our Solution Squad to have you demonstration on how we build Solution for different Industries.



FineDocs comes from Acyutah Technologies which is a complete Software Solutions company having its business relations with multiple other industries and domains. This works to our customer's advantage. Experience accumulated over years from our business relations helps us devise great Solutions for you.
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