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FineDocs Mobile, a mobile document management app enables anywhere anytime access to enterprise content ensuring business continuity in a mobile world. FineDocs Mobile app is available for iOS and Android tablets enables mobile users to access and browse FineDocs Documents and content stored in your FineDocs repository from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Access Information on the Go

FineDocs mobile document management app aim to build an application with features that FineDocs user would like to use while on move.


Easier Access: A user-friendly interface of the FineDocs on the tablets which provides easier access. User is able to access FineDocs On the Go

Reduced Time around and expense: FineDocs mobile not only lead to easier access to the documents stored in the FineDocs but also ease the work and reduce the turnaround time of any work completed

Increased Efficiency: Since FineDocs app allows your clients to reach you instantly and also provides your clients access to your site wherever they might be, thereby helping in improving productivity as well as enhanced efficiency

Fast and easy to use: FineDocs Mobile app is very simple to use plus the devices are small, light and easily transported. There is no need to carry around big old bulky devices or a clipboard, pen and paper which can be easily lost, when this technology is available

Wider Reach: FineDocs Mobile app will reach a wider market by not limiting to platform.

Access Content

a Secure Repository Access
a Search for enterprise content with combined search on profile, metadata, full text and multiple versions.
a Tree-View based repository navigation
a Document level actions such as check-in, check-out, versioning, putting notes, annotations
a Access documents and content with full enforced security

Manage Workflow

a Review , Approve and make decision while on the move
a Initiate new work processes
a Manage escalations
a Compelling reporting and dashboard capability enabling real-time view of business metrics
a Manage Changes Better than Before

Go Smart

a Intuitive n Simple interface
a Support for iOS and Android tablets
a Available in English and Arabic language
a Improved Customer Experience


FineDocs Provides a Sync Add-on, a quick and easy Synchronization Client of FineDocs Cloud. It instantly synchronizes content from on premise to the cloud ensuring that users always have the latest version of documents.

Enabling greater agility with today's "Bring your own device (BYOD)" world with full IT Control ensuring the security and compliance of information.


FineDocs comes from Acyutah Technologies which is a complete Software Solutions company having its business relations with multiple other industries and domains. This works to our customer's advantage. Experience accumulated over years from our business relations helps us devise great Solutions for you.
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