• Record Managament

FineDocs Record Management Features enable enterprise to harvest corporate records, manage, control and protect them, and make them accessible to knowledge workers in an efficient collaborative environment.


FineDocs Record Management System manages the documents - both electronic and physical from their creation, use, storage, and maintenance to eventual destruction or permanent preservation while retaining integrity, authenticity and accessibility of corporate records. In brief, the Record Management System handles the complete life cycle of Physical as well as Electronic records. Electronic documents can be an image or non-image format.


a Document capture from authoring tools, image scanners and MS-Exchange Server
a Document organization in a customizable, hierarchical and visual business taxonomy
a Bulk import of documents and classifications
a Extensive version control functionality
a An Object Class for the definition of profiles to match the business nature of the documents and folders
a Advanced search and retrieval using file classifications, record profiles and content
a Security by Groups, Access Levels, and Roles
a Advanced lifecycle management using time, event, and cut-off-based retention, archiving, and disposition
a Seamless integration with line-of-business applications


a File Plan - Classify and Store Documents in the Hierarchical File Plans
a Automatic Filing - File records automatically in a structured records series
a Re-Classification - As the Classification Practice of your Organization improves and evoles with time

Tracking Records

a Track Electronic and Physical Records Location and Movements
a Request and Transfer Records - A well managed process to transfer records to another system
a Manage Complete Record Lifecycle using time, event, and cut-off-based retention, archiving, and disposition

Retention and Disposal

a Administrative Function to setup Retention Schedules
a Associate a retention schedule with any Record or File Plan
a Automatically initiates Disposal process once the end of the retention period is reached
a Report all Disposition actions

Search and Retrieval

a Extensive Search based on File Plan, Date, DataClass, Metadata, Full Text Content and Retention Policy
a Advanced Search on Versions, Wild-Card search, Fuzzy match
a Save and Re-use Queries

Controls and Security

a Role based Access to Records, Files and Metadata to users or groups
a Administrative rights include Define File Numbering Schemes, Define Retention Rules, Define Storage Rules, Create New Location, etc.
a Track unauthorised attempts to access files or records and log in the audit trail
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