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FineDocs Scanning
FineScan is Smart and Very Efficient Document Capturing Solution from FineDocs Product Suite and Solution. FineScan is a Distributed Capturing Solution (DCS) with Swift and Sophisticated capturing capabilities. It allows a great sync between Multi-location Scanning Stations.
FineScan supports Advanced and High Volume Document Capture. It is capable of capture and digitization of any size documents from A4 size office documents to large size Engineering Drawings.

FineScan has highly useful and smart features. FineScan has World-Class Capturing Engine running at its heart and is comparable to anything in the world.

FineDocs is feature rich and has facilities to spoil you. Template based Capture will further make you lazy! Can we help? – No! Because our system has been designed feature rich and is meant for the lazy persons.
What happens when you have converted the paper into digital document? Content Dances to your tune.

Document becomes dynamic and it responds to your search. You can put the Document on Common WorkFlow of your Organization. Besides the very capable FineScan we also provide the Scanning and Digitization Services. Call our Solution Squad and know more about FineDocs Services.